Sunday, August 23, 2009

3 Snack Benefits to Help You Lose Weight

When most people think of losing weight or going on a diet, they think they have to starve themselves, eat bland tasting foods, and have very little food choices to choose from. Also, they know snacking is out of the question!

Not true!

Snacking actually has many benefits to help you shed body fat! As long as you eat healthy snacks and have a little self control, remember everything in moderation, snacking is a great way to help control your diet and produce drastic new results in your weight loss efforts.

Benefits of snacking include:

1. Binge Control- If you eat a very small meal and then go a long period of time till you eat again, you may find yourself binging at your next meal! To avoid a binge meal, try eating a piece of fruit or other healthy snack. This will ward off hunger pains, keep you next meal in check, and help you to actully consume less calories during the day!

2. Extra Energy and Nutritients- If you live a busy lifestyle and find yourself on the go a lot. Planning ahead and bringing a snack will provide you with a burst of energy when you start to feel down. Plus, it will keep you from running to the next McDonalds for something quick to eat!

3. Controls Insulin Levels- You may think if you’re not diabetic then you don’t need to worry about your blood sugar. Well, your wrong! Trying to keep your blood sugar levels steady actually helps to keep your body in a fat burning mode. Once your blood sugar levels start to spike and plummet, your body gets out of whack and will start to store your calories as body fat! A steady intake of healthy foods will help keep your blood sugar levels steady.

As you can see these are only a couple benefits to snacking. Healthy snacks will help you stay on track in your weight loss efforts and help you avoid all the dieting mistakes and pitfalls most people run into.

Think of snacking as a “mini” meal not a chance to eat something bad!

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