Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Top 3 Ways to Stick to Your Diet

90% of people who start a diet fail!

That's a lot of people and chances are you are one of them. I have even been one of the 90% myself! There are many obstacles to sticking with your diet and most people do not address them or even worse they do acknowledge those obstacles, accept them, and don't try to diet because they know they will fail!

You have to understand what obstacles lay ahead and have a game plan to overcome those obstacles. Not trying because or think you will just fail anyway is never going to bring you closer to your weight loss goals.

So, let's jump in and look at 3 obstacles that cause most people to fail.

1. Unrealistic Goals. If you think you can drop 10 pounds the first month you diet, well think again! Be realistic, the first month of dieting is going to be your hardest because you are changing the way you eat! You may see some changes but they most likely will be small ones.

2. Starvation Diets. If you want to lose weight and think you just want eat anything, that is also unrealistic. You body needs nutrients. If you go a long period without eating, you will end up gorging at some point throughout the day. Break you meals down into smaller meals, spaced throughout the day and you will find that you will be hungry less and eat less food!

3. Track Your Diet. I know, writing down what you eat is boring, takes too much time, and you just don't feel like doing it! When you first begin the diet you need to track what you eat. This will help make you accountable for what you eat and show you what foods you need to change. If you have to write down and see that you just eat 1 whole pizza for 800 calories, then you will be more inclined to change your habits because it will seem more real. There are a ton of online tools to make tracking your diet so much more simple then writing everything down, plus the iphone has over a 100 different apps to help also!

As you can see, these dieting mistakes are very common and most people break them everyday! Knowing these obstacles lay ahead and having a proper plan will help you overcome them and accomplish your weight loss goals!

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