Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Healthy Snacks...Do They Exist?

The Biggest problem my clients face in cleaning up their eating habits is snacking. Earlier I did a post on How to Stop Snacking to Increase Your Weight Loss, tonight I am going to give you a few healthy snacks to substitute the crappy ones!

I know what you're thinking already though, "healthy snacks do not taste that good", well here are a few that actually do taste good and almost seem like you are eating something bad because it does taste so great!

1. Sunflower Seeds. This is a great snack because they are so good. There are many different flavors to choose from, although you have to watch the sodium and salt content. You can eat a lot of these and not take in too many calories...as long as they are NOT heavily salted. Opt for the roasted ones for best nutrient content.

2. Apple Butter on Rice Cakes. Most people, in fact just about everyone, do not like rice cakes. They are a very great snack if you can stand them. So add some apple butter and they become great tasting! Apple butter is not really made from butter and is good for you. Combined with a rice cake and you have a moderate carb snack that will actually fill you up.

3. Chocolate covered Banana or Apricots! This is great for sweet tooth snackers. Chocolate in small amounts is actually good for you! Melt some in the microwave and dip in cut up banana or apricot (or fruit of your choice)! Does it get any better then this?

4. Salsa and Chips. For the Chip Snackers out there, here you go! Stick to tortilla chips and don't eat the whole bag, everything in moderation! No need to explain this one, straight forward and to the point!

There you have it, 4 easy and tastey snacks to add to your Healthy Eating Plan (I do not like the term diet. Makes people think of calorie restricted, non tasty food)! Mix these into your daily routine to keep yourself interested in your weight loss attempts!

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