Friday, July 17, 2009

3 Easy Habits to Boost Metabolism and Lose Weight

Everyone knows that high metabolism means less food stored as body fat, but high metabolism also helps you burn off the body fat you already have. The higher the metabolism the more calories you burn!

There are hundreds of tips and products out there to “help” you boost your metabolism…Don’t Listen to them! Most people will believe they can boost metabolism with a pill or some crazy diet trick; not true. Here are 5 simple, everyday things you can do, that will send your metabolism into over drive, and burn off all your extra calories!

1. Don’t skip breakfast. You have heard me say this before! This is important..”Don’t skip breakfast”! This one step will put you on the right track. If you can only committ to one thing this is it! Eating a well balanced breakfast with good carbs and protiens will satisfy your body and help you stop from gorging at your next meal and snacking throughout the day. Plus, you will have an added boost of energy and feel better throughout the day as well.

2. Don’t starve yourself. Every dieter is guilty of this one. By starving yourself, all your doing is setting yourself up for failure and even more weight gain then weight loss! Once you starve yourself, you will have less energy, eat more snacks to make up for the minimum eating, and of course gorge the next time you do eat!

3. Eat smaller meals throughout the day. The old 3 meal a day routine is done for. This is no longer the standard. You should be eating 4-7 times a day! This sounds crazy but if you eat smaller portions at each meal and add a small and healthy snack in between meals your metabolism will increase dramatically and you will burn off all this food and then some. This happens because your body is constantly satisfied so it doesn’t need to store anything for energy latter. If calories are not stored they are burned off! By delivering a steady flow of energy to the body, with healthy, small portioned meals and snack then you will not gorge at meals and you snacking habit will be satisfied all day!

Follow these 3 tips and you will see dramatic changes in your weight loss efforts. Remember, like I always say though, baby steps. You can not change a lifetime of bad eating habits in one day. Start with 1 tip, do that for a week or two. Once that tip is easy to do and becomes part of your routine, then work on the next one. Small changes over a period of time lead to a big change and weight loss success!

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