Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Need To Lose Weight? Act Like a Skinny Personal, part 3

If your need to lose weight then just act like a skinny person! If you follow their lifestyle habits, you may soon find yourself looking skinnier instead of just acting skinnier!

This is the third instalment, so lets review the previous tips:

1.Drink plenty of water

2. Always eat breakfast

3. Avoid snacking

4. Don’t worry about your weight

5. Never skip meals

6. Enjoy your meal

Now let’s talk about three more great tips!

1. Know when to eat. Skinny people don’t because they are depressed, angrey, or sad (emotional eating). They don’t let people force them to eat something or try something they don’t want. A skinny personl also does not eat just because they have nothing better to do. Most skinny people only eat when they are hungry, which usually coinsides with their 3 or 4 meal a day schedule.

2. Eat later. Most skinny people if they are starting to feel hungry will wait till their next scheduled meal to eat. Unlike most overweight people, they will grab the closest food they can; fast food, vending machine, etc. By waiting till later to eat, skinny people aviod snacking or eating extra calories they don’t really need.

3. Stop eating when you know you are full. Most skinny people stop eating when they are hungry, they do not overindulge. Most overweight people will eat till they are full, but then eat sweets and desserts afterwards. These extra calories pack on the weight. Skinny people don’t take in these extra calories which helps them stay skinny!

Now here is 9 total tips you can take to lose weight and feel great. By emulating the habits of someone who is already skinny, you too can reach your goal weight. These tips are life changing habits that will get you on the right path to weight loss! Chances are you are currently doing the opposite of all 9 of these tips, start by working your way down the list, one week at a time.

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