Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Weekend 5?

A majority of those people who diet and exercise Monday through Friday, find it hard to stick to their routines over the weekends. Some of those people will just scrap everything all together and start back up Monday morning (I used to be one of these people).

Well, over the course of the weekend they could gain up to 5 pounds, then lose a couple of those during the weekday. This yo-yoing of weight gain and lose is not healthy for the body and is a cycle that will eventually lead to more weight gain and possibly failure to continue with your diet and exercise routine.

As you workout all week you burn off calories from your workouts, plus you are eating healthy, which leads to a lower calorie intake. Then the weekend hits and no more exercise or healthy eating eating. The extra intake off calories without the workouts to burn them off lead to weight gain. It’s pretty simple to lose weight you need to burn more calories then you take in, or else you gain weight!

A couple tips to continue your diet and exercise routine, while you enjoy your weekends:

1. Workout first thing in the morning. If you exercise as soon as you get up then you do not have to worry about it the rest of the day. Plus, as an added bonus, it will help boost metabolism to continue to burn calories at a higher rate for longer.

2. Eat healthy while at home. If you are at home, try to plan on eating healthy. You can control what you eat in your house, so eat healthy foods when possible. This will help limit the extra calories that will pile up while eating out or at someone else’s house.

3. Eat a small meal before going out. If you eat just a small meal before you go out for lunch or dinner, then you will be less likely to order appetizers, main course with extra sides, and deserts. You will not feel as hungry and not crave unhealthy foods.

Have any other great tips to avoid the weekend weight gain? Share them here and help others avoid the weekend 5!

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